The Circle

The Circle

"Innovation isn't the easiest path. But it is the most sustainable."

We set off along the path of innovation and thus experience the exciting process of how something “new” is created. The path is a circular object – our stage - which we circumnavigate with a camera. It is divided into four segments which represent the innovative areas (technology & digitalization, environment & society, science & research and mobility).

The areas flow fluidly into one another and melt into each other – as innovation is only possible if knowledge from different fields of expertise is combined. What is special about our circular journey is that no specific starting point nor end point is visible (similar to the world of images by M.C. Escher). As soon as we have travelled around the scene once, the journey seamlessly starts again from the beginning.

In the different areas of our stage, there are abstract experiments set up which are animated. Additionally, we translate and objectify items and processes with the help of metaphors – reactions occur, things interact with each other, an experiments fails, something new is created somewhere else. Due to the high level of abstraction, we cover a broad thematic area, thereby awakening the curiosity of the viewer.

Using stop-motion animation, the individual objects in the experiments will be physically brought to life. In this way, we can even make the impossible possible and unite the “beginning” & the “end” perfectly, creating a seamless loop. In addition to the classic upwards & downwards movements, we also use animation to defy gravity and to suddenly change the color or unexpectedly the shape of objects etc. This further strengthens the nature of the experiment & surprises the viewer.


"We illustrate the sustainability of the process of innovation and create something magical by means of a continuous playback loop."


"The spotlight is on the variety of shapes and the interplay between light and shadow."


Written & Directed by Melanie Linde, Florian Stumpe Set Design & Production Melanie Linde,  Florian Stumpe Director of Photography Melanie Linde, Florian Stumpe Music & Sound Design Michael Fakesch A very special thanks to Gian Klainguti, Dennis Guggenheim, Swisspartners & Foundry Berlin